Beauty and the banal: “The journey of a raindrop”

“Jaynne? Jaynnie! Are you awake?” My mother bursts into my bedroom as I plop over and snort. “We’ve been called to the front line, Jaynne. You need to get up immediately!” she sing songs as she opens my curtains and pulls back the covers.

“Ugh, it’s still dark.”

“Come on, come on. It’s not up to us to decide when the clouds should burst… Oh, look at you! You’ve swollen tremendously! Your dad would be so proud.”

She waddles out my door and into my brother’s room, “Wake up my sweet little puddle…” Guess who’s the favourite?

Moments later the whole town is standing on the edge of the cloud ready for free fall.

“Now remember, my droplets, we’ll meet back here in 48 hours. Do you have your snacks?” There’s no time to answer her before the gates are flung open and we dive out. This is my favourite part.

For one brief moment I am beautiful; the sunrise light refracts through me, beaming a rainbow over the sleeping city. I swirl and dance through the gusts of wind like a ballerina. I am full, I am enough.

Without exception, the freedom ends. With an almighty bang I rupture myself on the ground. Dazed, I stare up at the gloomy cloud overhead and watch my friends, family and classmates follow the same path. They fly blissfully through the air for just a few moments of indescribable joy and land with an oaf on the dirty floor. The sand and gravel under me begin to seep into me making me brown and smelly. This is not my favourite part.

“Oh darling, look at that! I fell right next to you!” My mother gurgles from her puddle.

“I wish I could fall forever.” I lament to her.

“I know Jaynnie, we all do. Unfortunately we have other responsibilities too. Now pull yourself towards yourself and let’s go home.”



I’ve been told I read too deeply into things. I put too much meaning on things. Things that have no meaning. There is no greater purpose than the humdrum. Samsa became a bug searching for meaning, why couldn’t I become a droplet? 😉


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