Fears of a dancing monkey

I am a dancing monkey, dressed all

in sequins and excess.

I spin and squeal, my audience to amaze.

Smile, monkey!  Twirl, monkey! Hold your gaze!


I am a dancing monkey

searching for applause.

I am a back up chorus-girl

chasing the spotlight’s pause.


In truth, I am a nobody

looking for a sign,

that I am worthy to be seen

and perhaps worthy of your time.


While this was very true of me when I was growing up, it is less true now. Now I am more wise, I understand the roles I am expected to play in this life. Does that make me less of a dancing monkey?

I’ve learned the steps and I know the song by heart. I swap my masks and try to fulfill all my roles while the little girl inside just wants to play and be loved. This blog, this is my playground, thank you for playing with me for a little while.

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